Best Facts About Sony


Hello, Guys, I Am Here with New Post For You Guys And that Is ‘6 Best Facts About Sony’. Today You All Are Going To Know Amazing Things About Sony Which You Have Never heard, You Guys Will Learn Something Really New In This Post. So, Lets Start It Guys.

What Is Sony?

Sony Is A Japnese multinational conglomerate corporation Company. Sony Is Located In Tokyo, Japan. And The CEO Of Sony Is Kaz Hirai. Sony Produces consumer and professional electronics, gaming, entertainment and financial services. Sony Was Started In The Time Of World War II In 1946. Sony Products Are Amazing And There Gaming products Are Best. I Love Sony Products. I Am Using Sony PSP From 2Years And It Is Still Like New.

Facts About Sony

  1. When The Sony Was Founded in 1946 The Name Of Sony Was TTK or Tokyo TsushinKenkyujo (Tokyo Telecommunications Laboratory). It Took 12 Years To Get The Name Sony.
  2. The Name Sony Is Taken From Latin Words, The Meaning Of Sony Is Sound.
  3. Sony Play Stations Was Banned In China From 2000-2015 Nation Wide.
  4. The First Sony Development Was Motor Toon Grand Prix by a small team called Poly’s.
  5. The PlayStation was the second major Products to Perform external memory cards To Save Games.
  6. The first electronic product Sony produced was a rice cooker.

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